What to Wear for Your Summer Interview?

Preparing yourself for a summer interview can be daunting. Especially with the nerve-wracking feeling, dressing up and being comfortable till you face the interview is exhausting in summer. As we all might know heat can trigger irritation, especially when you’re formally dressed up.

On the other hand, feeling confident in your outfit is important to face an interview successfully. You might have heard that many say the right outfit can go a long way in inducing confidence for pretty much anything. So, if you’re preparing for a summer interview and wondering what to wear here are four solid tips to help you out.

Consider lights shades

Consider light and nude shades for your outfit. There are many reasons why you should do this. Firstly, light shades lean towards a more formal appearance than bright and solid colours. Secondly, light colours are more appealing and presentable altogether which can bring out your personality much better without making your dress the centre of attraction.

Thirdly and most importantly light colours are summer friendly. It’s pretty obvious that summer collections or wears mostly come in light colours. The reason for this is because light colours, especially white can reflect back heat rather than absorbing it.  When it comes to dark colours, it works the other way around i.e., it absorbs the heat. So, wearing a light-coloured outfit for your interview can go a long way in keeping you away from feeling warm or hot.

Choose breathable materials or fabrics

Materials or fabrics play an important role in summer. Nobody wants to be wearing a fur coat for summer,right? Likewise, when it comes to an interview in summer, there is much about comfort you need to consider. With the weather it’s easy to feel exhausted sooner. So, no matter how perfect a thick blazer or skirt may look, try to go for breathable and light materials.

You can consider these women’s cotton work shirts. Formal linen pants or blazers are good for men, or even fabric options like Khadi and chambray, if they are available. These all are very breathable and comfortable options for formal wears in summer. They not just make it light and easy for your body but also keeps away the feeling of being “stuffed” that usually comes with formal wears.

Fancy up your footwear

For those who overlook footwear your footwear too plays an important role in your overall look, especially for formal occasions like an interview. So, make sure you are making the right choices with your footwear as well. If you feel tip 1 and tip 2 can make you underdressed, although it’s not, you can always fancy up your footwear to enhance your overall look.

If you’re on the outlook for comfortable formal summer footwear options, consider loafers, block heels, pump shoes or wedges. If you can avoid heels altogether, its better so it doesn’t exhaust your legs when you wear it for too long.

As you can see, easing yourself physically with your summer interview outfit while still looking professional and presentable only takes few considerations as such. So, make sure you to try to incorporate at least one of the tips above and see how much comfort it can enhance with your summer interview.