Different Types of Skirts from Mini to Maxi

From the 1970s to the present, not one skirt has stayed in style for long. There have been numerous pieces coming back into fashion from the past. From A-lines to minis, a skirt can do wonders to a woman’s outfit.

Let’s take a look at different types of the outfit that has had a rich history throughout the years:

A-line skirt

The ideal type of skirt for the pear-shaped body type, the A-line skirt is usually of knee-length. It’s tight at the waist and flares out gently below. It is a very popular option among women and works well with most fabrics.

Mini skirt

An iconic piece associated with the 1960’s, the mini skirt symbolizes the memories of when women were free enough to choose the length of the skirt they wish to wear. Miniskirts can have both a flared or circular cut and are idea for a casual outing.

Maxi skirt

The maxi skirt is one of the most versatile types of skirts. They can be seen in different styles, fabrics and colours and can be dressed up or down accordingly. They typically fall all the way to the floor. You can purchase maxi skirts online as they are both fashionable and comfortable and are a great pick for a variety of events.

Pencil skirt

‘The’ piece of the professional and business world, a pencil skirt is cut straight down to the length of your choice and may from a rectangle shape when laid flat or taper in at the knee. As they are generally harder to walk in, they usually have a slit at the back.

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts come in varying sizes of pleats and can be worn in different lengths. They are usually made up of synthetic fabrics that do not require regular ironing to keep the pleats in place. Skirts with knife pleats are an ideal pick as they are quite flattering to the body.

Fishtail skirt

Also referred to as the mermaid skirt, this piece gives your body an hourglass shape at the waist and hips while flaring out towards the lower portion of your legs. They can be seen mostly on wedding dresses accompanied by a train. Pairing this up with a fitted bodice really makes this type of skirt stand out among the rest.

Circular skirt

Sometimes referred to as the skater skirt, this type of skirt is cut in a circle. When laid flat, the skirt forms a somewhat circular shape. They can be worn in varying sizes from long and flowing to short and cute. They are a good choice for outdoor activities and are generally the type of skirt worn for tennis.

Worn by both men and women, from the skirt to the sarong, skirts have had a major impact in the fashion industry. Through this article, you will be able to pick out the type of skirt that flatters your body and style and make you feel comfortable. It is quite evident as to why they have now become an interesting and iconic fashion statement.