The Different Types of Handmade Jewellery

Ranging from a simple ring to a 7-piece necklace, (yes, they exist) jewellery is something many women and men wear. It is to convey many messages such as the wedding ring, family heirloom or simply for fashion purposes. There are tons of many types of jewellery but handmade has a category of its own.

In this category too there are different types of styles and materials that are used, each designer used a different design and style to create their own line of handmade pieces. So, what are these different types of jewellery? Here are some of the different types of handmade pieces.

Handmade varies from mass produced pieces simply because of the name itself. The artist or designer carefully curates each individual piece that may not be the same as the other pieces. It is designed with more care and brings out the personality and style of the artist.

Assembled jewellery

This is probably the simplest form of handmade jewellery. It involves assembling many pieces together to form a certain piece. Pendants. Charms, earrings and other separate pieces are added to a base to make something of its own. It is one of the trendiest and commonly worn types too. We all owned a charmed bracelet at one point and even still probably do. Due to its customizability, it has become very common.

Wire jewellery

Copper wire and sliver wire jewellery is a style of its own. It is a very unique and acquired taste. Wire jewellery is minimalistic yet very classy when designed well. It has a rustic and antique vibe, which makes it a very commonly worn style of jewellery. Wire wrapped pieces also use precious stones or other ornaments that are used as the base piece. The wire is then wrapped around it to create a pattern or style.

Precious stones

Many individual designers use precious or semi-precious stones to make their pieces. This adds a personalized but also unique and expensive twist to the different pieces. There is also something called healing stones, which have grown in popularity in the recent past. Although its healing powers have yet to be confirmed many people love wearing these stones for its beauty factor too. Handmade jewellery designers incorporate these stones into their pieces for unique and single pieces.

Statement jewellery

Some designers really go for the gold when creating their own pieces. They use various materials and styles to create their own pieces such as jewelry from Susan Shaw that are intricately designed.

They do not have a typical type of material but combine different styles to create their own pieces. These are bold and chunky pieces that stand out creating a statement of their own. This piece of jewellery is enough to make sure you stand out a mile in the best way possible.

All handmade pieces are created with a lot of love and care. It is the designer’s way of making a mark on the world through their form of art. Each piece tells a story of its own.