4 Mistakes You Are Making with Your Leather Bag

Leather bags are not cheap. If you own one, you need to take good care of it. Here are some seemingly petty mistakes many make with their leather bags and accessories, that can actually turn out to be costly.

Not Storing it Separately

One of the most common mistakes women tend to repeat is storing all of their bags together, and including the leather ones in the lot. Sometimes, you just have too many and don’t know what to do or where to put them. However, this isn’t how you’d want to think when it comes to your precious leather bags, and stylish leather purses and wallets.

Leather being natural, requires breathing space when stored. Stuffing it along with other synthetic material or plastic that will stick to or rub against it the whole time will only ruin it eventually. This, always look for a clean and dry place to store your leather bags separately. Consider placing them in a cloth bag made from organic fibre.

Hanging Your Bag on a Hook or Screw

This again, certainly might be one of the easiest ways to store your bag. Fair enough, you couldn’t think of another option when you know you’ve got to grab it hurriedly and walk out the door every morning. However, when it comes to a leather bag, this surely is big ‘no, no’.

Again, the fact that leather is natural fibre is what you would blame it on. If you have the habit of hanging the bag on a hook, thefibre can slowly stretch down owing to its own weight, and eventually cause it to look stretched and out of shape. Thus, always choose to place it on a shelve with plenty of room.

Stuffing Your Bag

Aren’t we all guilty of the stuffing job? It is as though our hand bags are meant to be stuffed! Nevertheless, this is something you would not want to do with your leather bag.Even though there is no major reason why this should be avoided, it only means that the bag lacks the level of care it deserves.

Stuffing your bag can cause damage, too, especially if you have your car keys, house keys, and your engagement ring amidst your lunch box and a hundred other stuff. It can cause stubborn stains and dirty your bag, too. In short, it is just not the right thing to do!

Putting Your Bags on Display

It can be quite tempting to have your beautiful bags on display, especially when you’ve got abrand-new leather bag that is flaunt-worthy. When your friends are coming over for instance, you’d be tempted to take out your bag that has been sitting on a shelf safely, and put it up on display just to show it off, and they simply can’t help noticing it and having their jaws drop!

As fun as it sounds, it is best that you don’t bother to expose your leather bag unnecessarily. Remember, the more you are careful, the longer it’s beautiful, classy look will last.