Pro Tips for Maintaining Oilskin Garments

The oilskin coat is a rider favourite. It offers the best defence against Australia’s extreme weather. If you understand how to take care of your oilskin, yours could last for many years.

Why are oilskins so well-liked

Extreme weather variations and a harsh climate can be found in Australia. In order to protect themselves from the rain, wind, hail, and snow, most riders wear oilskins.Canvas composed of dense cotton is used to create oilskins.However, what sets them apart is the waxy coating, which creates a barrier against moisture.

Oilskins of superior grade are waterproof and windproof. They are the ideal clothing for riders of all ages since they keep you dry and warm even in turbulent weather.The coat fabrics are available in a variety of weights and subtle variations in finishes. However, what distinguishes them from typical materials is that they are all wax-treated.

Steps for taking care of your oil skin

Oilskins require careful handling, according to specialists, if you wish to get the most use out of them. If you adhere to the care recommendations provided by the manufacturer, your oilskin will last as long as possible. If you’re wondering where to buy Australian made oilskin vests there are several stores that offer them.

Keeping your oilskin safe

Your skin is different from a typical coat or clothing.

  • Keep it apart from other clothing as the wax proofing can rub off onto other textiles.
  • For the same reason, avoid porous surfaces.
  • Put in a dry area with good ventilation.
  • Do not store anything in plastic wrap or cabinets for an extended period of time.

Keeping your oilskin clean

Cleaning your oilskin requires washing your hands in cold water. Please refrain from using hot water, automatic washers, dry cleaning, or regular laundry detergents. All of them will take away the coating that protects the product’s waterproofing.

Brush away dirt or dampen a sponge with cold water to quickly clean the item. Handwash the oilskin in cold water with plain soap or a specialized detergent that you may get from the maker if it requires a more thorough cleaning. After that, thoroughly rinse.

To dry, hang the item outside on a clothesline or in a well-ventilated space. When it is placed on the clothesline, a hose-down can assist get rid of all the soap. Never air dry near a heater. Keep in mind that you must reproof the oilskin following each washing with soap or detergent.

Oilskin reproofing

Long and composed of sturdy material, oilskin riding coats provide excellent protection.

To coat the complete garment, a 400ml tin of reproofing oil could be necessary. This holds true for the majority of riding coats, but always verify the oilskin’s care recommendations. To get the most advantage, use the product that the manufacturer suggests.

Cleaning your oilskin of mold

If you see mold on your oilskin, hang it outside in the sun for a few weeks. It’s time for some additional care and attention if the mold is still there. Bring out the major weapons once the mold has truly taken hold. In dissolved vinegar and water, wash the oilskin. Allow it to completely soak the coat to maximize the vinegar’s ability to destroy mold.

Over time, your oilskin will gradually dry out, so check it frequently and adhere to the care instructions. Years of luxury and security are yours as a reward!