How to Have A More Comfortable Sleep

Summer is here and along coming uncomfortable sleep patterns. We all go through it, struggling to sleep comfortably during summer nights, especially if your room is not air-conditioned. Aside from being uncomfortable, waking up without quality sleep ruins the entire day.

You feel dizzy and uneasy when trying to kick start your day. In worse cases waking up with little sleep can give terrible headache throughout the day. So, if you’re trying to prepare for summer early by figuring out ways to sleep comfortably, we’ve got you covered.

Take cold showers

First things first, always go for cold showers in the evening and never hot showers. It might take some time for you to get used to cold showers, but its game changer. Cold showers will keep you cool in hot evenings and eventually make it easy to fall and stay asleep. Apart from getting better sleep, cold showers can also improve your immune and circulatory systems in ways which hot showers can’t.

Try to take cold showers early in the evening and not at late night. This will avoid you from unnecessary cold and other uneasiness. If you’re a person who is in for minty freshness, make use of minty shower gels. This will level up a refreshing feeling, helping you fall asleep more comfortably.

Sleep in breathable fabrics and loose clothing

Secondly make sure that whatever you wear including your undergarments are breathable, lightweight and not too tight. No matter how fancy or cute a nightwear may look, not all materials are breathable.  Make sure you stay away from synthetic fabrics.

If you can always opt for organic cotton pyjamas as summer nightwear. This is a weatherproof fabric option that traps air between the fibres to keep you cool and protected from the summer heat. They are also more summer friendly than other synthetic fabrics which can even cause allergic reactions.

On the other hand, make sure your nightwear is not too tight. What happens when you wear tight clothing is that it’ll trap the airflow your body receives throughout the night. This will increase your body temperature and make you feel hot. Wearing tight clothing can also make you feel trapped and restricted. This will make it very uncomfortable for you to fall and stay asleep for longer.

Change your sleeping arrangements

If your share a bed with someone, consider sleeping alone, on warm nights. When you sleep alone you can release excess heat easily which can keep you cool at night. When you share a bed, the space for eliminating heat is restricted. On the other hand, some sleep experts believe that sleeping in a “Spread eagle” position is one of the best sleeping positions to stay cool.

This is a sleeping position where your arms and legs are extended to the four corners of the bed. Sleeping in this position is not possible when you share a bed. Besides, heat can rise when you sleep in an upper level. So, if you can sleep in a lower level or even on the ground level you can stay cool and comfortable at night.

Heat is part of summer and is not escapable, but you can surely follow simple tricks and hack. So, to make sure you’re getting a comfortable and healthy sleep routine to keep your summer workdays productive.