Different Ways to Have Fun with Blank Clothing

Blank clothing might look plain and boring but they are the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. When you know how to wear them with style, blank clothes can surely look appealing just like other stylish printed ones. These clothing pieces are also great for everyone – men, women, and even kids would look good wearing blank clothing.

However, these pieces can become a work of art when especially if you have an artistic side. It can be customized in a variety of ways and make it look more interesting and personalized than it was when it was blank. If you’re already an experienced artist or still trying out clothing customization, here are some easy-to-do apparels designing techniques.


Unlike tie-dyeing wherein you’ll add some colours into the fabric, bleaching does the opposite. This technique is perfect if you have darker coloured pieces that you want to spruce up. Tie some parts up just like you’ll do in tie-dyeing and spray some bleach on it. You could also use a bleach pen to draw some designs on it for more defined patterns. Be sure to choose quality blanks for your projects and buy online from blankclothing.com.au.


Tie-dyeing is one of the most popular ways to style blank clothes. This dyeing technique can make you think about the hippie era but it is becoming popular again these days especially during summer months. Tie some parts of your plain shirt with rubber bands and spray or add a few drops of colour on them to make lovely patterns.


If you like experimenting with paint, you should try the stencil technique. In a sheet of freezer paper, print or draw the design that you want to put in your blank clothing. Cut the design out and put the sheet on the shirt with its shiny side facing down. Then, get your favourite fabric paint and paint it over the pattern making sure that no product goes under the freezer paper. Once you master this technique, you can be able to create more professional looking prints even at home.

Fabric Markers

For those who enjoy drawing, you could use this skill to make your blank clothing more interesting. You can use fabric markers, coloured permanent markers, or any non-washable marker to draw on the blank shirt canvass.

If you’re not that confident with your drawing skills, you can still use markers to decorate your shirt. Just draw on any pattern that you like and create a watercolour effect by spraying it with alcohol and water solution. It will make the ink run and bleed, resulting in lovely patterns that couldn’t be achieved by regular painting or drawing.


If you’re skilled in creating patterns using a needle and thread, why not try creating beautiful patterns using embroidery? These days, there are plenty of tools that make embroidery a lot easier than it looks like. Also, it instantly makes your blank clothes look like it’s from an expensive fashion brand.

There are plenty of ways to turn your blanks into a masterpiece with a little creativity and experimentation.